Protect. Principles. Prosper.

These three tenets are fundamental in the advancement of a vibrant and healthy community. As citizens, we must work together to strive for a better, more prosperous Overland Park by protecting our community and holding to our values. I look forward to meeting Ward 2 voters and listening to ideas and concerns regarding Overland Park. 

Protect: Collaborate with first responders to ensure they have the necessary supports to continue protecting the City of Overland Park. 

First responders are critical to keeping our community safe. Recruiting and retaining highly skilled and dedicated emergency services personnel will always be a top priority. Community safety and crime prevention will increase economic prosperity and provide the best quality of life.

Principles: Strengthen connections between schools and the community to ensure the success and prosperity of every child.

I will work to establish initiatives focused on education to ensure Overland Park continues to be a leading education city. I support programs, policies, and projects that expand upon the current mentorship program between schools and local businesses and enhance the summer experiences of youth within our community by increasing recreational opportunities for all children. I support the establishment of the Education City Initiative because our youth deserve the highest quality education and increased socio-emotional support. High educational attainment and socio-emotional learning among youth translate into a better quality of life and foster a better future for our children and the community.

Prosper: Cultivate and continue to expand upon Overland Park’s growing economy by encouraging responsible development, practicing fiscal responsibility with taxpayer money, and examining the use of Tax Increment Financing.

On the issue of Public Finance Incentives: I believe Overland Park is overusing Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and other public tax incentives for private development projects. We should never risk the hard-earned tax dollars of our residents on private business development that does not benefit all citizens. We do not want to give public incentives where development is likely to occur anyway. I believe the best ways to encourage reasonable and responsible development are by using tax revenues to improve our aging infrastructure and invest in public safety.